Ecoland Organic Ghana

Ecoland Organic Ghana is an advisory service organisation which was mainly established to promote organic and climate resilient agriculture in Ghana. It was founded on the ideals of its parent organization Ecoland e.V., Germany and with the assistance of Mr. Rudolf Bühler the founder of Ecoland Germany.

Ecoland Organic Ghana offers its clientele demand oriented advisory services in the area of organic farming and certification, climate resilient agriculture, extension services for training and development and advice on the export of agricultural produce.

The organisation has currently partnered with close to 200 farmers and its farmer base is expected to rise to about 1000 due to the steady increase each year. These farmers work closely with the Ecoland guidelines and principles.

Additionally Ecoland Organic Ghana strives to achieve equity through the trademark label ECO-FAIR which symbolises its social, environmental and economic commitment to the smallholder farmers with which the organization works. 

In general the “the basic values of the Organization can be summarized on the ethical ideologies as proposed by Albert Schweitzer's "Reverence for life" which states that “ Our aim must be to preserve and cultivate our world and its natural resources in harmony with nature”. 


Non-GMO engineering

As an organic association, all products produced are done without the use of genetic modified organisms.

Climate and environment

Our dedication to issues pertaining to the environment & climate is definite through the complete avoidance of synthetic pesticides, harmful weedicides and mineral fertilisers.  

Nature conservation, ecology & biodiversity

Plant protection measures, nutrient management regimes and the cultivation of traditional crop varieties to promote biodiversity.

Quality and transparency

Quality control standards for Organic farming are ensured through independent accredited certification organizations

Our Team

We have a dedicated team of experts, working assiduously to make sure that the day-to-day activities of the organization are run effectively. 


Ecoland Organic Ghana membership

  • Bio- Ghana network
  • Ecological Organic Agriculture Network of Ghana
  • International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements- International (IFOAM - Organics International)